Open the graph window either by click on "Filter" - "Graph" or by the toolbar. The graph window shows always the graph of the current filter specification.
- Curves: The blue curve is the transmission, the red curve defines the reflexion and the green line represents the group delay. The specifications and approximation goals are drawn in the same colors, respectively.
With the check boxes the curves and goals can be enabled or disabled.
- Markers: The markers can be switched on and off with the check boxes on the right site. If a marker is switched on its values for reflexion, transmission and group delay are displayed. Markers can be placed by entering a value or by moving them with the mouse (Right Click - "Move Marker").
- Right Mouse Button Menu: By clicking the right mouse button on the graph several important zoom and marker functions are accessible.
Move Marker Switch to "Move Marker" to place the markers with the mouse.
Zoom Window Switch to "Zoom Window" to zoom the graph with the mouse.
Reset Zoom Click "Reset Zoom" to set the graph to the original zoom settings.
Copy To Clipboard Click "Copy To Clipboard" to copy the graph in windows meta format to clipboard.
Note: Double-click on the graph sets the graph to the original zoom settings (same as "Reset Zoom").