Open the matrix window either by click on "Filter" - "Matrix" or by the toolbar.
The matrix window shows always the matrix elements for the chosen filter topology in the structure window.
- Change element: The value of the chosen matrix element is displayed on the bottom left. By changing the value in this box, the chosen matrix element and therefore the curve will change.
- Tolerance: The tolerance of a matrix element can be entered in %. However, for a diagonal value it is the tolerance in % according to de filter bandwidth.
- Sweeps: Specifies how many sweeps are done for a sensitivity analysis.
- Analyze Sensitivity: Plots as many curves as specified in Sweeps changing the selected element from ± Tolerance.
- L/C: Select if inductive (L positive) or capacitive (C negative) couplings are prefered.
- Auto Plot Matrix: If Auto Plot Matrix is activated, CoupleFil updates the graph automatically if the matrix changes (CoupleFil may run slower).
- Plot Matrix: With the button on the bottom right the changed matrix can be displayed in the graph window.