Open the specification window either by click on "Filter" - "Specification" or by the toolbar.
In the specification window all attributes of the filter can be entered.
- Normalized/Original: The filter can also be specified with normalized values. However, for most applications you will specify your filter in the original frequency band.
- Start/Stop: Specifies the start and the stop frequency of the passband. With the Reserve the bandwidth can be changed without scaling the filter.
- Center/BW:Specifies the center frequency and the bandwidth of the filter. Start and stop frequencies are immediately calculated.
- Finite Loaded Q: For the simulation with losses enter the quality factor of the resonators.
- Passband/Zeros: For a single bandpass filter it is sufficient to specify the transmission zeros. For a multiple bandpass filter it is necessary to enter reflexion and transmission zeros. Read the Dual Bandpass Tutorial for further information.
- Resonators/Filter Order: Enter the number of resonators or the filter order. The filter order is always twice the number of resonators.
- Return Loss/Passband Ripple: Specifies the return loss or the passband ripple. They are immediately calculated from each other.
- Transmission Zeros: Add, delete and enter the position of the transmission zeros.
- Sort TZ: For several filter structures it is advantageous placing the transmission zeros in specific order. By unchecking Sort TZ each transmission zero can be placed at the desired position.